Paving Services

When it comes to paving, we are your number one choice for all types of paving services across the Surrey area. We can carry out all types of paving including block paving and patios.

Block Paving in Surrey

Our block paving services are not only professional but affordable. Block paving is often requested by our clients for their driveways. Not only is block paving a suitable surface for parking a vehicle on, but it bears good against weather and the natural elements. It is attractive and can also boost a property value because it looks good.

At local landscapes we often undertake block paving services in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Whether your current driveway is uneven, muddy, covered in tarmac or perhaps already has old, broken block paving installed you can be sure that using our experienced workforce and machinery we can turn your driveway into a brand new block paved masterpiece.

In order to apply effective block paving we often tear up the old driveway and use materials to level out the surface. Once completely level we then carefully apply the block paving bricks to create a stunning driveway. We are open to any designs you may have and can also apply patterns to the block paving as per your requirements.

We are competitively priced for block paving and recommend you give our team a call today for a free quote if you are thinking of getting block paving for your property.

Patios in Surrey

Patios are a hard landscaping feature often applied to gardens in order to improve their appearance or provide and walkway or seating area.

We not only have an experienced workforce in place but can supply patio tiles as per customer requirements. Because of the agreements we have in place with suppliers we can provide them at a reduced cost compared to the high street.

Local landscapes have years of experience and have dealt with some of the most challenging gardens that you would think could have nothing done with them.

To fit a patio is has its similarities to fitting block paving. We tear up the existing area using heavy machinery or hand tools and then level the surface out. We carefully apply the patio tiles in a design or pattern the customer requires.

Patios are very durable and bear well against the weather which makes them a popular choice for gardens. We offer a free quotation service for patios so why not give our team a call for a friendly competitively priced quote today.