Garden Hard Landscaping Services

At Local Landscapes we provide the complete garden and landscaping service. We undertake all types of hard landscaping projects of any size. We have years and experience in garden design and building and offer a premium and fully comprehensive garden service.

Decking Areas

Perhaps you want to build a decking extending from your patio doors? Our carpentry team can sit down with you and work out a decking design to suit your requirements and budget. Whether you require a decking area with disabled access ramps or anti-slip boards you can be sure it can be implemented into the design plans and build.

Decking is a pretty and reliable solution in a garden and can often be a place where you can chill out with your family and enjoy your garden.

Patio Areas

Perhaps you want a patio area for barbeques or bonfires. Whatever the reason for your patio area, you can be sure that it can included within the plans to ensure build that is right for you. Our patio service is undertaken by professionals and levelled off to ensure it remains in the best condition for the next ten years not just ten months.

We offer an independent patio service for gardens of all shapes and sizes. We can provide the patio slabs at affordable prices due to having relationships with suppliers which means you can remove the high street price tag from your project.

Brick Walls

To find a reliable bricklayer is a challenge, as there are so many unqualified and "cowboy builders" out there. At Local Landscapes we provide a reliable and proven bricklaying service for your garden front or back.

Whether you need a new brick wall built outside the front, or you want a brick wall in the back garden to house flowerbeds, you can be rest assured it will be built to the highest standards with us. All bricks are sourced from our trade suppliers to ensure the best price possible for your work.

Block Paving

You may have a block paving idea for your front or back garden. Whatever the design, pattern or shape you want to find a reputable company which you can trust.

At Local Landscapes our block paving services are tailored towards our customers requirements. Whether you want a driveway or a decorative area in the back garden, you can be rest assured of a top quality finish every time.

Turfing Services

Is your grass a bit battered? Perhaps the land is uneven and the best solution is the returf the whole lot? Not a problem! We can provide high quality turfing for your garden.

Our professional team can provide this for the best prices possible and install at a time and convenience that suits you. We can also provide the best tips to make the most out of your turfing to ensure it lasts.

Other Garden Services

When it comes to garden services, it would be unpracticle to list every possible service. Although we don't pop round and plant sunflowers, you can be rest assured when it comes to any type of hard landscaping service, we have it covered.

If you want a service not listed on our website then give our friendly team a call today. We operate across the Surrey area and can pop in for a free quote at a time and convenience to suit you.