Fencing Services

Fencing comes in all types of designs and sizes. There are also many different types including wooden fencing and concrete fencing. When choosing the company to supply and fit fencing we believe there is only one choice - Local Landscapes.

Wooden Fencing Services

Wooden fencing is the most popular choice for gardens since it not only looks attractive but also is fairly reasonably priced. Often wooden fencing comes around 6 foot wide and is placed inbetween wooden posts.

There are many different designs available for wooden fencing and you can also extend the height of them so you can add plants and climbing scrubs for effect and extra privacy.

At Local Landscapes, because we have agreements in place with suppliers, we can supply wooden fencing at a significantly lower pricing than most high street retailers. We can then professionally install the wooden fencing including fence posts at a time and convenience to suit you.

We operate our wooden fencing services in Surrey and the surrounding areas, so for a competitive price just give our team a call today for a free quote.

Concrete Fencing Services

Concrete fencing is a more durable option compared to wooden fencing. Concrete fencing is better against the weather and elements due to its solid nature.

With concrete fencing, you normally install concrete posts and then slot concrete slabs in to create a concrete fence.

Concrete fencing is normally used by councils and for commercial projects. To install a concrete fence requires heavy machinery and expert tradesmen with years of experience. We have both.

For a free quote for concrete fencing in Surrey and the surrounding areas, give us a call today.